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Where to get every kind of paper lantern plus a silicone mustache mold

I have never properly paid homage to Pearl River Mart until this weekend (though I do have a vague memory of wandering in one day and scurrying out upon realizing the sheer scope of the place). Set aside two hours of your life and about $50, and just let the amazing cheap Chinese crap wash over you. Want paper lanterns in every shape, color, size and pattern imaginable? They have them. Looking for ceramic dishes for your tea, rice and even non-Asian food needs? They have tons. Sweater vests? Yes. A jade cabbage paperweight chachke thing? They have that too. Also, swords. They have fabric and beautiful paper, embroidered slippers and a silicone mustache mold for your next ice sculpture party. So yeah, everything you could ever want from a store. I bought a floral mini paper parasol for $4.50 that is making the 5-year-old girl in me very happy.

Beautiful menus, gross dishes.

SS Rotterdam cover

Pickled Lamb Tongue, Canadian Cheese Coup, Calf’s Head Piquante, Boiled Hog’s Head, and lots and lots of celery. Just some of once-popular dishes that appeared on beautiful restaurant menus of yesteryear. Read the entire article on Flavorwire.

The perfect couple: museums and restaurants

EarlsEver find yourself starving after hours of inspiring art-viewing? Ever find yourself inching towards the museum cafeteria out of desperation? Problem solved: 10 Inspired New York Museum and Restaurant Pairings published on Flavorwire.

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Horrible Plans for NYC That (Thankfully) Never Happened

Undergound City

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New York City has weathered many plans over the years, some good, some bad. But many horrible plans never came to fruition, thankfully.
Here are some of the worst
 published on Flavorwire.