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Fine-Feathered Friends

Feathered hats

“A hat to command attention and admiration needs to have as many as five or eight plumes, while a picture hat, that huge affair intended to make or mar the wearer, has no limit whatever.”

Put a bird on it, 19th century style. How the craze for big hats and feathers sparked the bird conservation movement. Check it out on Lapham’s Quarterly.


In 1938 this ad for Will’s Gold Flake cigarettes appeared in The Times of London reminding readers that cigarettes are just like babies and that a charming girl will never sacrifice a man’s cigarette.


“When a charming girl asks you for a cigarette and you’ve only one left – your last precious Gold Flake – what should you do about it? Try the Solomon act. Offer to cut it in half. She’ll never let you. She’ll more likely produce some of her own and solve the problem that way. Women have learned to appreciate a man’s cigarette, you see. Men have always smoked Will’s Gold Flake for their distinctive flavour – the flavour of fine Virginian tobaccos. So do women, now.”