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The Arcades of Midtown: 6 1/2 Avenue and Other Somewhat Hidden Private-Public Spaces

Metropolitan Tower_2_6 1:2 Avenue_Arcades of Midtown_Untapped Cities_Adee Braun_2-22-13 Feb 18, 2013

146 West 57th Street

Bet you didn’t know that Le Parker Méridien’s lobby is actually a public space? Here are some other disguised and not so disguised private-public arcades in Midtown, including Manhattan’s newest avenue. Read more at Untapped Cities.


Former NYC Movie Theaters and What They Are Now


Image via Flavorwire

A Modell’s in Flatbush, a Starbucks in Greenpoint, a Pentecostal church in Times Square…what do they have in common? They were all once movie theaters. Here are some other former theaters that are now chain stores, churches, and a beautiful gym.